Centres in the Bay of Plenty

List childcare centres throughout NZ who support cloth use. List centres that don't support cloth use.
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Centres in the Bay of Plenty

Post by nathalie » Thu Apr 12, 2007 5:44 pm

My little boy started at ABC daycare centre for one morning a week (formerly Image Kids) in Katikati a few weeks ago.

I was the first one to take a baby in cloth and I would like to thank Kylie for being very supportive and trialling it out!

This morning they told me they have 3 babies in cloth now. (All in Fuzzi Bunz and the teachers are very impressed with them) :D

So we can add this childcare centre to the list. Any more in the Bay?
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Post by Neak1 » Thu Apr 12, 2007 6:49 pm

City Kids, Formly the YMCA Daycare (but still run by the YMCA in Tauranga didn't mind cloth at all when I worked there guessing it would still be the same :D

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Post by TheBean » Thu Apr 12, 2007 7:35 pm

BOP Polytech childcare @ windermere (I posted this one already though),
Bambini @ fraser cove,
St Mary's @ bayfair,
Tender Age @ Bayfair,
Haven Preschool @ welcome bay,
Arc early childhood @ 3rd Ave,
The new one opposite Pemberton Park @ Greerton
are all cool with cloth. And I'm sure I have missed some, I rang SO MANY daycares when I switched the boys!

It would probably have been easier to say that the only place in the whole of Tga that I got a negative reaction to using cloth was ABC on Maleme Street. They didn't say "no", but they made enough fuss and humming and haaing and "unhygenic" type comments to put me off sending them there. To be fair they had recently gone from being daphne's and bought out by abc so they didn't know what the new policy was, but still.

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