Early Impressions Daycare in Auckland...

List childcare centres throughout NZ who support cloth use. List centres that don't support cloth use.
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Early Impressions Daycare in Auckland...

Post by Faraway » Fri May 02, 2008 10:11 am

... are fantastic!! DS has been going since January and they fully support cloth use! I gave them a laminated card with photos and instructions about fastening his pockets and all the teachers have managed without any problems. They let me know when we're out of flushable liners (and will use the nappies without them when I haven't got them in time) and if any of the snaps are getting loose and need to be fixed. They pop them straight into the wet bag or a plastic bag for me each day no complaints :D They even said they would use cloth wipes if I wanted to but I haven't as I don't have enough to supply daycare with as well as home.
They find them really easy to use :D

HUGE thumbs up from us!!!
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