Centres in Auckland

List childcare centres throughout NZ who support cloth use. List centres that don't support cloth use.
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Centres in Auckland

Post by Flower » Tue May 10, 2005 3:58 pm

My kindy took cloth but it's closed now.
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Albany Childcare Centre at Massey University

Post by Mb » Tue Jul 12, 2005 2:46 pm

The daycare centre at Albany campus of Massey University happily supports cloth nappies - they will send home the days nappies in a plastic bag. The manager's 2 grandchildren attend, they are both in cloth nappies so have set the precedent!

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Post by Rachel03 » Thu Jul 21, 2005 9:07 pm

Just enrolled Ollie in daycare and all three of the centres I looked at in Pukekohe supported cloth nappies

- Little Pukekos, Pricky Hedgehog and Excel Learning Centre


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Post by nznats » Sun Dec 04, 2005 11:49 pm

The daycare at the Awataha Marae on Akoranga drive on the northshore support cloth, they even rinse the nappies even though they were told not too and just put it into her wetbag :)
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Post by Anonymous » Tue Jan 03, 2006 11:32 am

Just enrolled my daughter in Kindercare in Henderson and they said ok for cloth. Mind you they throught at first i meant cloth cloth like what our mums use to use. Don't think any other children are using them there


Post by Anonymous » Mon Jan 30, 2006 1:41 pm

Well i can say that Kindercare will not use cloth nappies as they say they are Unhygienic. I am going to be ringing their head office to please explain what and why they think this is so. Since i have the correct bag and everything for them to use.
Wasn't very happy when my Dp told me this on friday afternoon when he had pick up our daughter.

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Post by embejo » Mon Jan 30, 2006 1:46 pm

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Post by legz » Mon Jan 30, 2006 1:47 pm

Thats a bummer!
Do they think disposables are hygienic then?

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Post by bobavet » Mon Jan 30, 2006 4:24 pm

Y'know, whenever I hear that "cloth nappies are unhygienic", I always ask if they expect parents to throw out any clothes that get poop or pee on when disposable nappies leak - I mean, if washing stuff that's had poop or pee on it still leaves it unhygienic.... do they have a rule about the kids never being allowed to wear those clothes at daycare ever again? Do the staff refuse to touch clothes and change the nappy of a kid whose nappy has leaked?

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Post by Janine » Mon Jan 30, 2006 8:22 pm

Matthew is enrolled at Busby St Childcare and Early Learning Centre in Blockhouse Bay and they have said okay to cloth!

I'll let you know if it changes as he will be there first child in cloth and he starts in 2 weeks!

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Strawberry Fields Mt Eden

Post by Anonymous » Thu Feb 09, 2006 3:48 pm

Strawberry Fields Mt Eden baby centre are using Fuzzibunz on my man, didn't even bat an eyelid when I asked them about it. I take them daily in a tote bag, They wrap the dirty ones in a plastic bag, and give them all back at the end of the day. Very happy.

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Post by Ansis » Thu Feb 09, 2006 4:29 pm

The University of Auckland Early Childhood Centre on Alten Road will do cloth, even though they say in their booklet disposables only. I just have to take along a bag for the wet ones. Apparently they're not experienced at it (put a fitted on inside out without a cover on someone else) but they didn't hesitate to say yes when I asked.

ETA: it's going well with the cloth, they even rinse out the pooey ones! Sometimes they're done up a bit oddly (Fuzzibunz) but haven't had a leak yet which is all that matters.
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Post by Robin » Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:54 pm

Auckland Girls Grammar daycare centre is happy to use cloth, even though their booklet says disposables only. When I signed Katie up, they had one child in cloth (terry squares). Now they have 2 more--Katie in pockets and another wee one whose mum is using Real Nappies' service. We thought it was interesting that the 3 in cloth were all using a different system.

Freemans Bay Early Childhood Centre (or whatever they call themselves--it's Barnardos) said no to cloth, but their reasoning was that they didn't have enough space to deal with cloth. I figured if I had to send Katie there, I'd be able to talk them into it because it doesn't take up space at all!
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Post by Rosada » Tue May 02, 2006 9:31 pm

Bear Park in Henderson has kindly offered to trial my fuzzi bunz. I can't believe no one has ever asked about cloths before!! Just waiting for them to use up my newborn disposables (as bubs is rapidly outgrowing them, and I don't quite have enough FBs yet for fulltime anyway). Then they will give them a try for me. I will now have a nosey 'round this site to find out how to minimise the smell etc so they can't change their minds :)
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Childcare Centres

Post by meg moss » Sat Jul 29, 2006 6:05 pm

I am Head Teacher of an Early Childhood Centre in Mt Albert. We have had children in some cloth nappies for the last four years. It is slightly more time consuming to change cloth nappies but is no real problem. If all our parents chose to use cloth we would have to reoragnise our changing room a bit but I am sure we would manage.
We send wet nappies home in a bag (supplied by parents or a recycled plastic bag). We rinse soiled nappies and send them home.
What do you think is ideal?

In my first job (a long time ago in Edinburgh University Nursery) all children were put in centre nappies when they arrived in the morning. The nappies were boiled in the centre laundry and air dried. We had no problems with infection or nappy rash as far as I remember.

An important note about ECE Centres in Auckland. Please book up as far in advance as possible. All our places are acconted for until Jan 2008.
We use envirormentally friendly cleaning products and use organic products where possible. We try to teach children to be ecologically responsible from an early age.

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