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Post by Miss Shelley » Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:44 am

I was lucky enough to win a free nappy from Rachael a couple of months ago, yay for us! :) and a big Thankyou to Tweedle! :smt041

We are liking the nappy alot and the craftmanship is great. I got the small size and I think that when DD puts on a tiny bit more weight the fit around the waist will be better, but it hasn't stopped us using it every two days or so. Havn't had any problems with leaks or wicking. The size measurements for the small say it goes from 3.5kgs up to 7.5kgs but I believe DD will be in it alot longer as she only just fits it now at 6kgs on the smallest setting.

DD isn't crawling yet so havn't tested it for moving, but am thinking that the snap positions and lack of actual tabs would help with wing droop. Hopefully she will move soon and I can let you all know :)

I love being able to select the colour of pul, microfleece and snaps (just a wee note that the olive pul was alot more brown than we expected) I've posted a picture in the photo gallery - not the best but DD wasn't up to lying straight :wink:
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Post by BekaJ » Fri Aug 15, 2008 3:43 pm

I have just recieved my second lot of Tweedle nappies.
I love the way you can select you colour combos (and I love the way the colours I chose worked out!)

DS is 13mths old and the Tweedle medium nappy is great for both night and day. Night time I stuff it with a prefold boosted with a flat and daytime with just one flat or one prefold. We have had no leaking problems with them and the fit is fantastic! :D :mrgreen:

I have also just posted a business review regarding Rachael's awesome service, in the Nappy business review area.

They are my favorite pocket nappy so far, as well as being great value for money.
There is a pic of DS wearing one at 8ish months in the pockets gallery.
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