Baby Harmony Nappies

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Post by sb » Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:34 pm

I've got a cammo nappy, its my first pocket, I am a fitted fan, so I was a bit nervy going outside of my comfort zone. The outer is stretch jersey and internal hidden pul layer, the pocket insert is microfibre with a hemp fleece cente of hemp terry, which dried quickly in the prewash.

James wore the nappy for the first time this morning, he is a heavy wetter in the mornings, I was really impressed with the absorbency of the pocket insert which is very thirsty.

eta. its a medium sized nappy which fits comfortably around those thunder thighs!

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Post by Mazz » Wed Apr 25, 2007 8:56 pm

I got my pocket nappy from Baby Harmony a week or so ago and I lurrrve it. :smt055
Meredith was wonderful to deal with and her customer service is top notch. One of my top NZ nappy sellers to deal with (disclaimer: I haven't dealt with everyone, obviously - I'm addicted but not that addicted!).
The nappy arrived very promptly and there was great communication via email to confirm my order and payment, and to let me know the nappy had been dispatched. When it arrived (one day after the dispatch email) I was highly impressed with the quality of the nappy and insert. DD has worn it about five times now and no leaks or problems, even with one massive BF poo. A lovely nappy from a lovely WAHM! :D :bow: I am definitely buying again. :star:

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Post by Khai » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:23 pm

I've been using a Baby Harmony pocket for about 6 weeks, I wasn't crazy about it first (because of the stuffing in the front with a boy!), but now I'm feeling the love for the same reason why I didn't like it at first, interestingly enough! :D

Why? Because it's a small and it fit my boy well when he was only about 6 weeks, it still fits him well at 12wks/6kgs, even in the rise. No wing droop (it sits nice and secure) and I'm now loving the front opening because I don't have to worry about making sure the inserts aren't creeping out the back! I use the insert plus one I made with 1 layer MF, 2 layers hemp terry. It's really trim.

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Post by white-rose » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:57 pm

Mazz wrote:ETA: OH NO!! I just went to order and orders are currently unavailable due to a change in 'structure and direction'. :shock: :( Anyone want to sell me theirs? I know they will be back up at some point, but I finally had money to buy the nappy and now I can't :cry:
I will just have to be patient... :roll:

I have two small ones here - I just culled them today because DS is getting too big for them and I ahve some Mediums aswell. (I really love this nappy, it is one of the few I have bought becuase I have made most of mine own) I was going to put them away 'just in case' :lol: But if you want them I am happy to sell. There is a royal blue and a black one.

PM if you want them, otherwise I will put them away until I decide if I need to use them again.
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Post by Louise » Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:40 pm

I LOVE my Baby Harmony nappies. I have been using the small size on Miriam since she was 8 weeks old and she is 6 months old now. We stuff them with a regular prefold (used to use an infant prefold).

They are an excellent fit and have lots of room for inserts. The workmanship is excellent as is the customer service.

I just ordered some more in the RNW sale (very good sale!!!)

I liked the newborn naps - they are a bit different to the other sizes as they come with velcro. I liked the velcro at first as they are so easily adjustable but as baby grew bigger I found the velcro rubbed on her legs (no chance of rubbing on tummy though as there is a lovely soft fold-down flap to protect tummy. I loved the fit of the nb nappy and would still buy these naps for a nb baby but would ask for them to be made with snaps instead of velcro.
I stuffed this nappy with a BH microfibre insert and a BH hemp insert which worked well.
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Post by mummyjems » Mon May 05, 2008 7:14 pm

I LOVE my baby harmony naps! They are some of the few that fit my girl really well. She's too big for small pockets and too small for most mediums but the baby harmony mediums fit her super well, love 'em!
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Post by Mazz » Mon May 05, 2008 8:20 pm

I've been trying to make nappies rather than buy them, but still love my medium Baby Harmony - would definintely buy again when I need more.

Have also changed the name of this thread to Baby Harmony Nappies instead of Little Harmonies, to save confusion. :D

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Post by Khai » Mon May 05, 2008 8:22 pm

I've just ordered a dozen, I can't wait to get them. :)

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Post by bizzy » Fri Sep 19, 2008 2:36 pm

i have two of these and must say they were my fave for when eden was a newborn... and as someone above said the small fit her when she was really small and are still fitting well at 6 mths. i dont normally like front opening but these sit really well, and at one stage i was ready to get rid of all my other nappies just to get these...
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Post by rahel » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:41 pm

I got a quite a few of these which were seconds (not that I could tell that there was anything wrong with them).
Anyhow they were my absolute favourites while my girl was in the mediums, now I only got one large size one which is also a great fit.
Absolutly recommend these and Meredith is just lovely to deal with.

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