Swaddlebees Econappi

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Swaddlebees Econappi

Post by mumtotwo » Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:05 pm

Wow ! love these nappies ! Wide enough in the crotch for extra stuffing , although the cool insert that goes with it absorbs heaps . It's hemp and snaps to 3 sizes to go with the adjustable rise in the nappy .
with the inner snapping , you can undo it for washing and drying so it's just 2 layers of hemp , then fold and snap it for heaps more absorbancy ! there is also a velour piece on it so if you wish you can use it as a cover and inner system with the velour aganist babies skin ,
The inside of the nappy is velour but unlike the other swaddlebees it isn't backed with microfleece so the drying time is much better , i found that these dried very quickly .
They look funky ( especially the patterns ) and are a great fit on my wee man , good coverage over the butt and thighs for anyone who found the sidesnap a bit 'cheeky' .
I tried the velcro and really like them !
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Post by kiwivic » Sat Oct 18, 2008 2:53 pm

I have one of these in a popper version and I really like the fit on my 2yr old (now toilet-trained during the day :cry: ). He is quite short & stocky (14.5kg) but I was pleasantly surprised by the fit on him - it was much higher in the rise than I expected. The insert is really absorbent but because it folds open for drying the whole thing dried just as quick as any of my other pocket inserts. It's a really trim fit under clothes too.

I plan to try it out on my new baby, due in March, as it seems to snap down quite small.

Vic xx

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