BabyCo (The Baby Factory) PUL pockets

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BabyCo (The Baby Factory) PUL pockets

Post by Foxtrot » Sun May 06, 2012 7:59 am

Ok these were on sale at the Baby Factory a while back for $12 each (including 2 microfibre inserts) and I got some with low expectations, thinking they could just be emergency backups to pad out my stash. Well I am amazed to find that they are really good and I actually prefer them to some of my expensive brand name nappies :shock: I like them because they have a nice high rise and the cut is just really good - they sit nicely without bunching up and I have never had leaks out of the tummy like some of my other pockets if I don't get them on perfectly. They also have a nice wide pocket opening and the crotch isn't too narrow, which makes them easy to stuff. The elastic is fairly narrow so I thought they would dig in and leave marks but they don't seem to. Now obviously they are pretty cheap so they may not last through 3 kids, but for the price I think they are pretty good (and I have had one kind of very expensive brand name nappy crap out after 6 months of normal use, so price doesn't always guarantee anything).

Please note this review is for the PUL pockets only. There are also Minky ones under the same BabyCo name, but they are a completely different nappy (different shape and different configuration of snaps) and I haven't tried the Minky ones.
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Re: BabyCo (The Baby Factory) PUL pockets

Post by Sezzles » Sun May 06, 2012 8:25 am

My friend uses these on her 5 month old and she loves them too! No leaks and a great fit. I was super suprised as well, as they are such a great price! She got her's for under $10 each. Yay that there is something other than leaky Peapods available there now 8-)
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Re: BabyCo (The Baby Factory) PUL pockets

Post by Laura » Sun May 06, 2012 8:34 am

you can get ones just like these for $6.50 each on EBAY
i really like them but ive always been a fan of this type of nappy
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