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Caterpillar Cuties OSFM

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:47 pm
by Rodent
Aussie WAHM available at

This is my current favourite nappy. Oh my gosh it is divine! Not to mention that they are cute. These fit from NB to toddler brilliantly. They are a trim nappy -- quite a narrow crotch so not bulky on littlies and super trim on toddlers. The rise is adjustable with a snap down front. Technically there could be a wing droop situation but since they're only on the really snall waist settings when they're not mobile anyway it's not really an issue. The inner is bamboo velour and comes with a 2 layer bamboo trifold snap-in and another bamboo booster, bamboo velour topped, that is sewn in. You can get an additional 3 layer booster to put in too. With the booster it does our 10 week old super wetter overnight easily. It seems about as absorbant as a Baby BeeHinds Bamboo I guess but with the better size range and cuter prints, well let's just say that I have another 9 on the way....

Highly recommend!