Lotus Nappies

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Lotus Nappies

Post by Rodent » Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:50 am

Made by an Australian WAHM, these are great nappies. We've only tried the night nappies but they are SUPER absorbant, it's so nice not to have to boost a nappy overnight. They have an unusual snap-in absorbancy system, it's just one snap in but with super long pieces that you fold where your baby needs it. I think I had something like 14 layers of bamboo at the front last night, maybe more, but it's still really trim. They are a generous size. Immanuel wears a large on the tightest snaps. He's 15 months old and over 13kg but not sure exactly what his weight is. There are pictures in the photo gallery.

Definitely worth the money.

Image Immanuel - 6 Image Zevulun - 5 Image Amram - 4 Image Itamar - 2 Image Benaya - 1

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