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Post by Jack05 » Thu Aug 03, 2006 11:22 pm

These are made by Ruth (mumto3) and we were lucky enough to be testers!
Our nappy is a cool Buzzy Bee flannel, with soft microfleece inner and the body is towelling, plus a booster. This is the first nappy to work overnight for us since J became a big toddler. We use our own polarfleece cover over the top, but I think Ruth will be selling covers too.
It's sooo soft and cuddly and fits really well. J is 11kg, in Large FB's and they are just right - nice and snug. They are really adjustable with the crossover snaps, J's on the tightest setting so I know we have lots of room for growth so this nappy will last us ages. And I find they dry really well - in one day not two or three!
Pics in the gallery :D Thanks Ruth :D

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Post by Jujube » Sun Aug 06, 2006 6:56 pm

We were also lucky enough to be testers for Ruth. So far we've tried two small Snugglebumz fitteds and one pocket & i've been really impressed with them. I've found it quite difficult to find nappies that fit my little girl well as she has super skinny legs, but found that Snugglebumz fitteds fitted beautifully. The cross-over velcro tabs have been great - we have them on the tightest setting and they fit really well around the legs. they are also really absorbent - we had a 4hour trip to the museum today and no leaks at all :-) We ended up having to use the next size up cover - Ruth made up a medium pocket to go over the small fitted. This too has cross-over snaps which are great - once again a great fit.

Also found Ruth great to deal with - very friendly & helpful.

Would highly recommend these :-)

Will post pics once the naps are out of the wash :wink:
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Post by channyhoo » Mon Sep 22, 2008 8:17 pm

I was gifted two beautiful fitteds from Ruth for my wee girl who has fabric sensitivites. They are DEVINE- I actually want to cuddle them! Definitely the best night nappy i have found so far and and barely seem wet in the morning. My MIL thinks they're are what a nappy really should look like. lol.

Thanks so much Ruth.
Lucky Mum of Kalila and wee angel baby May Uenuku.

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