Little Lamb Fitteds

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Little Lamb Fitteds

Post by Wicked Knits » Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:57 pm

Just bought a set of 10 of these to try, was going to go solely with some other covers, but the lovely keela from ecomoon threw in a free cover and pack of flushable liners as she didn't realise she was out of stock and had to wait a couple of days till it came in.

Well, I love the nappies, soft, absorbant, I changed bubs after 2 then 3 hours as I only have the one cover here till the others arrive and didn't want it wet, and didn't have time to prewash since we were just about out of sposies 8-[ Can't comment on drying time as I haven't put them out on the line yet, but I'm sure they'll take a while being bamboo. (you can get microfibre and cotton ones too though) The cover is nice too, perfect fit, and the gusset works really well. Each nappy with what I'm assuming is a very fluffy soft cloth liner (could be a thin booster, will double check :lol: ) for those who are worried about bamboo against the skin and wicking/moisture/rash issues from that.

I had read reviews that they don't fit older babies so well, but they fit my 15.5kg tall 2 1/2 year old just as well as they do the 10mth old baby. (this is a 2 size system, and I'm using the size 2 :D )

So a GREAT cheap fitted system if you have a dryer for winter/bad weather. Worked out $20 each nappy with the 10 pack, and covers are $22 each. They're not exactly pretty, unless you're into soft fluffly natural fibres :wink: but they more than make up for it in functionality and price.

Finally feeling the cloth love again... NO MORE STUFFING POCKETS, and reaching into wet/dirty nappies to remove inserts! :mrgreen: :twitch:
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