Tots Bots Fitted Nappy, Booster & Cover

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Tots Bots Fitted Nappy, Booster & Cover

Post by Dunners » Thu Dec 23, 2004 8:41 am

Available from Bumbles at

I have been testing Emily's for a few weeks now - so I think that I can now add my opinion.

My first impression - Yummy! I love towelling naps and this is a very cool type of towelling (kind of longer loops if you know what I mean).

Emily has the size 1, so there is a fleece liner attached - this is really helpful. The attached booster is longer than the nap, so I can fold it to have more absorption at the front (Em wets here first).

The first time I put it on Emily, I discovered I had given her a "builders crack". Ha - Andrew calls it our "nappy G-string". (Our technique for putting it on her has changed a little!). It is a lower cut nappy that gives the most gorgeous rounded bum - I love it! There is plenty of room for her to grow around the tummy as the tabs meet nicely in the middle.

It is really absorbant, and I love the separate Tots Bots booster. (No problem using at night with the booster). And it dries relatively quickly (slower than a Zappy Nappy, faster than the Snazzi).

And the Tots Bots wrap cover - Delicious! I actually think that it's my favourite. The fabric is different to Bummis/Prowrap (yet still PUL) - it's a really soft, warm, stretchy fabric. At the moment it is done up with the sides on top of each other so there is plenty of room to grow. It fits any nappy that I put on Em.
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Tots Bots

Post by Rappy » Fri Jan 21, 2005 11:00 am

I really like the Tots Bots too. They are ultra cute with the big fluffy bottom and they are sooo absorbent. (Of course the downside of that is that they are very slow to dry).

My only issue with them was that my son often gets nappy rash with them. I have the same problem with snazzipants fitted. Maybe it's something to do with them being a close fitting nappy. So I don't tend to use them so often these days.

The covers are fantastic and I use them with all sorts of nappies.

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Post by Mama-to-many » Sat Apr 30, 2005 8:39 am

Dunners, Did you use it from newborn? I'm wondering if they are a bit on the big size - I TOO LOVE THE COVERS BUT MY 10KG+ DAUGHTER IS STILL IN THE SIZE 1 WITH heaps OF ROOM TO GROW STILL oops sorry about caps. Would these really fit a newborn?
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Post by Louise » Wed Jul 13, 2005 8:31 am

Just got my first tots bots size 2 nappy and it is so gorgeous. There is just something about that nice round fluffy bottom which you don't get with trim nappies!

Really absorbent and dries well. I got some size 1's to give away to friends expecting babies soon and tried them on dd 8 months and ds 23 months and they do fit (well they do up just fine) but they are very low cut at the back. I prefer the size 2 on them for more coverage up the back!! They are 8kg and 10kg approx.

I don't think I would put a newborn in this nappy though. Mine are usually quite small and I think it would probably fit but be too bulky. From 4-6 weeks this would be a fab nappy (size 1 I am talking about here).

LOVE them! I want more!!!! (nappies that is but new little bottoms to cloth would be fine too, hehe!).
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Post by Dee » Mon Jan 23, 2006 1:07 pm

Well I think after 8 months of looking I have found the nappy I've been hunting for....Tots Bots.
Bought 2x Size 2 off TM and have been really impressed with the absorbent factor. Nina my 8 month old is a heavy wetter and after numerous sodden naps and leaks and changing of linen Tots Bots have saved me from all this extra work. Nina sleeps through the night 12 hours stretches with a snazzi booster against her skin, and this nappy still comes up trumps with no leaks. Is easy to put on, we have the non snappi one, the velcro one and is easy as to put on and seems to be no probs with excess drying time, far quicker than the Snazzi fitted.
So think I will be selling my FB's I have (3) and investing in more Tots Bots!

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Post by Dunners » Mon Jan 23, 2006 1:22 pm

That's great news Dee - I can't wait for the Bamboozles to arrive in NZ. Can't be too far away now.

Sorry Rachel - didn't even see your question until now. No, we didn't get to try the Tots Bots set until about 5 months old. It's sitting in the drawer waiting for #2 to arrive - can't wait to see that gorgeous Tots Bots rounded bot again!
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Post by Kim » Fri Aug 18, 2006 9:42 pm

I have recently acquired a tots bots cover from trademe. I only have swaddlebee fleece ones to compare it too. But so far I think it is possibly better in thickness through the wet zone. One fault, it doesn't have tabs that fold back on itself like the swaddlebees, so is likely to be a pain to wash. arghhh. I have a size 1, is pretty big, fits like a medium swaddlebee.

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Post by rahel » Wed Nov 29, 2006 12:54 pm

that's funny. Mine got fold back tabs.
I quite like them, but they aren't my favourite. My hubby reckons that it gives Ellis a really wet butt which is probably true. They do feel quite wet against their skin.
Yep, like the booster and the wrap as well. Ellis is just starting to fit the size 2 wrap and it seems to work really good. He also loves the cute wee snails on it. So cute!

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