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Weenees Pouch Pants

Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2005 10:16 pm
by Henpen
Hi......I'm looking for the trimmest nappy system for my wee one and am wondering about going with the new Weenees Pouch Pants with a really trim (hemp?) inner. Has anybody tried these pants? I find my present eenee covers wick badly round the legs, but do find them so easy to put on so would love to stay with this type of cover. Any suggestions?

Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2005 11:15 pm
by TheBean
I have never heard of weenees pouch pants - what are they like?

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 11:21 pm
by Henpen
They are much the same as the present Weenee I guess, but the cover is a stretchy cotton/elastane with a removable inner waterproof pouch. You can read more about them on They are pricey at $28 though, but I just might 'bite the bullet' and buy one to see how I go. I really do like the trim fit of my present Weenees but they really do fail the waterproof test after too many washes.

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 1:07 pm
by Nee
my son and daughter were in pouch pantsbut Riley wet trough in 1/2 hour and my daughter had saws from the domes, we used them with a folded flat (like the instructions)even tried a double nappy. I wouldn't recommend them

Weenees Pouch Pants

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 12:34 pm
by bonny
Hi there

Sorry that you had a bad experience with the Weenees Pouch Pants.

I thought I better clarify some points just incase some people actually think they leak and leave sores which they simply don't.
I do hope you revisit using them again as people find them fantastic and I can honestly say that repeat business is booming and that is really important to us.
I really hope you try them again with following the below points and I'm certain you'll be very pleasantly surprised:)

1. If you were having leaks more than once in a blue moon, then chances are you were having a fit issue. If there are other problems with them feel free to call us and we can talk you through it as most can be dealt with and solved very easily

2. Newborns often have 'blow outs' which can be hard to contain in any nappy. As experienced parents will tell you, the frequency and force of these will diminish over time.

3. The Weenees should fit up snug between your baby's legs. The trim of the liner should be in the crease of their leg (just like underwear). This will help with both fit and absorption.

4. ALSO the waist should NOT be too tight. Simply close the tabs, rather than "pulling" them closed.

5. The waistband should come up and over the liner and folded nappy within, both in the front and the back.

6. Make sure the liner is touching your baby's legs. It is the liner that makes the seal. If there are gaps because the Weenee is too big then there will be leaks.

7.Use them with our super-absorbent but small microfiber nappies for even less work. These don't require massive amounts of water and energy for washing making the whole system super eco friendly and also there's hardly any work involved unlike many cloth nappy systems

8. Use a pre-loaded Weenee at every change. (it's just easier this way!) then you just take out the wet/soiled nappy and preload it with another so change time is SUPER easy and convenient.

9.No matter how hard we try, chances are the liner will get dirty when your baby poops. Spare snap-in liners means you can re-use THE Weenees all day and only swap out the liners when needed. Liners can be hand washed for a quick re-use or washed and dried with your normal laundry on cold or warm, and tumble dried. They are as small and light weight as a handkerchief.

10.The Weenees should not get dirty very often. We recommend washing them the same as any other clothing item, and they too can simply get tossed in with your cold or warm laundry and tumble dried once every couple of days or so.

11.Having extra Pouches is like having extra nappies so you don't have to buy lots of pairs making them SUPER AFFORDABLE as well:)
(Although they do come in some fabulous colors, some parents like to collect them all.)

I hope all this helps.

The Weenees system is designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable and the Earth a little happier.

Please visit my website and read what people are saying about them also

A bit disappointed

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2007 10:43 am
by Riley & Mum
I got a couple of eenees with microfibre inserts and disposable pads as a trial pack through the Christchurch City Council scheme, cost seemed fine through this deal (fantastic scheme) but I haven't bought any at actual retail.

I loved how these looked and the fit was nice and snug (although a bit on the small side definitely, would be hard pressed to get an extra insert in for night) haven't had any leaks even with a horrible teething poo, BUT;
- snaps for the new pouch design do dig into baby's skin
- velcro ends are quite hard and tend to dig in, try not to pull the elastic too tight; this will help but I found it didn't eliminate this problem
- plastic edging on pouch chafes wherever it touches skin and leaves red marks

I didn't like the feel of the disposable inserts, they aren't soft and have a paper like feel to them. And we have an old house with old plumbing so I'm not keen on flushing them, although the idea is handy.

The service was great from Modern Nappies and I emailed them with the above and they replied quickly with suggestions. Obviously not every nappy works for everyone, I'm not convinced these are for us.

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 1:03 pm
by bonny
Thank you for your comments.
Yes most people do say the look and fit of the Weenees is excellent.
and that they don't leak even with the more "explosive" poo (which can be hard to contain in any diaper) so that's all good
When you say the pants are leaving marks on your bub it suggests you are doing them up too firmly, just slacken them off a bit and this will stop (the elastic waist will let you do them up much tighter than they need to be). The waist should not be tight at all. The tabs shouldn’t be pulled but simply closed otherwise it will leave marks.

Re chafing:
I emailed my supplier as I’d never heard of this problem and she has emailed me back saying;

"No we have never had any problem with the pouch binding, this is the softest most comfortable binding we have ever found.
I can only assume this particular customer has a rare sensitivity to it. I can’t see any practical way around it as it is an integral part of the design and is part of the reason why we have no leaking or wicking."

She also asked me to ask if your baby is sensitive to any other types of materials?

As for the sizing the 0-2 years should go from 6-12kgs and so they should be the right size but having said that there are all shapes and sizes of babies – The Weenees should rest below the waist on bigger bellies

Re the Disposable Pads - I used them with my babies and they were fine.
Most people who do use them reorder them and they are the most popular method for absorption for the Weenees in the USA & possibly Australia.
Having said that most people here in NZ preferr to use cloth and I certainly only used the Disposable Pads when I went out or away for the weekend.
The Eenee Microfiber Nappies are way more popular here in NZ as they are so absorbent and quick and easy to wash and dry - Also very reasonably priced.

There is a great video you could watch to get a few tips as well. It's on the American website - (Weenees are called gdiapers in USA as Weenees mean something else over there)
Their site is and the video link is:

I guess that you're right - not every nappy works for everyone - We do have thousands of very happy customers though and sales are virtually all word of mouth and repeat business which is very important to us.
People LOVE them because:
There's no need to wash the whole system with every change.
In fact all you need to wash most changes is the microfiber nappy which is small but super absorbent and quick and easy to wash and dry.
So you are saving time, energy, water, and the planet.
Also you save heaps of money – you don’t need so many pairs. Extra Pouches mean extra nappies and they are very reasonably priced.
Occasionally the Pouch may get soiled but it is easy to wash and dry quickly -just throw it into your washing machine or air it out if it's slightly damp.
You only need to launder the outer Pants every couple of days or so as they shouldn’t get soiled/wet.
Hope this helps


Tested for another week...

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 9:34 am
by Riley & Mum
Well we've used them for another week now. Have gone as loose as we can with the velcro without them falling off, still getting imprint marks from the snaps and the velcro ends.

Riley doesn't have any allergies. He mostly gets the chafing on his back where the back of the pouch touches his skin, which probably means it is making him sweat there by causing a heat rash.

They look cute, fit well and they're easy to wash and dry but they're not our personal favourites. Thanks for your suggestions Bonny, I do appreciate the response.

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 3:02 pm
by Kaz
Just thought I'd add that I find the Pouch Pants really good. We have a chubby wee man and we've had no problems with marks from the domes or the velcro.

The fit is really important. We have one size 0-2 which fits fabulously and one 2-4 which leaks a lot. Our wee boy is in the cross over weight range.

I especially like the back fastening, which helps stop R taking them off.

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 12:30 pm
by Aitchy
Have just been round at a friend's place who has been using these for about the last 8 mths and she's been having leaking problems. I ran a pouch under the tap and it let water through, so there goes the reason for the leaking. She does hot wash with surf, but I would think the laminate on the pouches should still last longer than 8mths? She is now trying to decide whether to buy more pouches and risk it happening again or to try a different nappy system.
Has anyone else had this problem?