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Post by NIX-KIDZ » Wed Mar 02, 2005 9:20 am

Hi Jacqui,

WOW :o I dont know what to say other than thanks so much for the wonderful comment and that Im very happy you are pleased with the cover :D

If you do ever get a "smell" prob all you need to do is give it a 1hr soak with your usual laundry powder etc and then wash and line dry, thats another great thing about fleece....smells dont sitck.

I still get a kick from the f/b :oops: again thanks :)



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Post by NIX-KIDZ » Thu Mar 03, 2005 3:47 pm


:D Hi Ladies,

Sorry if you see this post in more than one topic, just making sure its seen :)

I have finally got the right combo for the night cover, the end result is great, there were no leaks and no wet/damp bedding or clothing in morning.

The fit seems to be the one hickup, so what I want to know from you all is, would you be happy to use a pull on cover for night time, and with or without elastic in the legs and waist. The pull on cover means that it would fit over any night time nappy eg: pinned/snappied flat, fitted etc.

Look forward to your views.



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Post by MMT » Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:00 am

Hi Nikki,

In responce to your question about making your night cover a pull on, I guess this means that it would be used for over fitteds rather than prefolds or flats?? I have never used a pull on with prefolds (layed as a pad!) I guess you could snappy it. I guess that would be fine.
I would like night time colours like say..... Moon & Stars etc... that would be really cute. So yes I would buy a pull on one if thats what you had. Probably more versatile with the sizing and absorbancy needed.

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Post by NIX-KIDZ » Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:08 am


Ok, so how about 2 styles, one a pull up and one the normal cover that I do, that way there would be a cover for mums that have fitted nappies etc and one for mums who use prefolds...what do you think :?: ...Im trying to give figure out the best options for all the different cloth types :)



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Post by Janine » Tue Mar 22, 2005 5:18 pm

4 out of 5

Great cover!

I have the newborn size nix-naps and have not had any compression wicking with the extra liner in them.

The fit is great, although they are a bit bulky for under some clothing.

Make up for the bulk by being extra cute thou!

But I think my wee man is an in-between size - the newborn size is just slightly too small and the small is not quite a firm fit yet. Never mind he is growing soo quick it won't be long before he fits the small!


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Post by kiwi101 » Tue Mar 22, 2005 10:06 pm

newborn nix naps seem very true to sizing, ash has outgrown his at 10-11lbs, the waist is still great & legs would be fine, its the rise he has outgrown, so a smaller bub should be billiant in them.
smalls are perfect & even with a bf newborn, are brill with a trifolded prefold. perfect for at home & out.

a very happy mum here!!
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Post by KAJ » Tue Apr 05, 2005 10:44 pm

Hi Everyone, I'm Sal.

I'm new to this and haven't been using cloth for very long and only during the day!!

I'm starting to get addicted to the Nix-Naps, I have 2 limited prints and 1 nicey girly one, with some Nix-Night accessories on order, not to mentioned her footzeez which really do stay on the feet. I use the Nix-Naps with prefolds.

I have done a trial for Nikki to test out her new Nix-Nights range.

Let me tell you... this is quite daunting when you have never used cloth at night and have a 6 month old who can't sleep thru the night so I was worried about having to get up more to change bed linen etc.

Well I was pleasantly surprised that Nikki's new hemp flat with the Nix-sleeve lasted Kayla 11 hours without wetting thru the cover or bedding.
The hemp flat was soaking and the cover not wet at all.
The great thing about it is, that this will work with existing covers and the hemp flat will fit the small and the medium.

I think the sleeve is brilliant, the liner doesn't get wrinkled and move around and the fleece gives the cover extra protection, plus all the wetness is contained in the sleeve not resting against the cover. Plus this could be used during the day as well, it's a very versatile set up.

The funny thing is... I was scared of using cloth at night, when I have had leaks with certain brands of disposables. Go figure!!!

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Post by Louise » Tue Apr 12, 2005 7:33 pm

I have one nix-nap in small size and I love the look. It is so cute. It fits both my 10kg skinny boy and my 7kg chubby baby girl with a prefold (I don't think I'd ever fit a flannel nappy in there though?!).
I find the elastic at the back is tighter in comparison to the elastic at the legs. What I mean is that I need to stretch the elastic quite a bit to do the tabs up tight enough to make sure the legs are tight enough. Hope this makes sense. I think if the elastic at the back was a bit looser I could tighten the tabs a bit and the legs would be tighter.
It is probably just me as I hate elastic digging in to my babies.
It works great though and I have never had a leak with it! It still looks as good as new as well after quite a few washes, not pilled at all.
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Post by helen » Mon May 23, 2005 10:31 am

thats about all can say about nikki she has awesome service. she made me an awesome cover with dolphin on outside it lookd very cute but just didnt fit around the sides for my ever growing boy. so emailed nikki and send back and she made another one for me no questions asked. i gave her measurements and now have new cover. its great fits great, love it.

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My favourite cover, the Nix-Nap

Post by Judy » Wed May 25, 2005 9:04 pm

I recently purchased a cover from Nikki at Nix-Nap's off Trademe, in Camo print. Fabulous cover - the fleece is super soft. I purchased a Medium for my 11kg son and the fit is great, with room to grow. They're very trim which surprised me, and the design makes them very easy to use - definately my favourite so far. The Camo print is high quality fleece, doesn't pick up lint in the wash from my new prefolds, which is great, and I love the fold back laundry tabs too.

They also came with a PUL sleeve, the exterior of which is microfleece. Basically the PUL covers all but a coloured strip of microfleece which is what goes against baby's bottom and the PUL prevents compression wicking, while the coloured microfleece is the stay-dry liner. You fold and put your absorbant material (ie prefold or flat nappy) into the sleeve and lay it coloured side up in the cover. Makes the nappy idiot-proof really. Great idea.

Nikki's customer service is great and I highly recommend the quality and workmanship of the product.

Nikki's website is
[img][/img] Hip and Side Snap patterns in newborn through extra large for sale by request.

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Post by annie » Wed Jun 01, 2005 5:00 pm

these are seriously cute and fit well, my houdini rips hers off even under clothes and we are starting to get compression wicking problems...this was not a problem when lara was smaller and thus had a smaller bladder but lately she seems to be able to save a bucket full up and then we get compression wicking.
super fast drying, lovely and soft and who can resist butterflys on a baby's butt.


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What size to get?

Post by Anonymous » Mon Jul 11, 2005 9:03 pm

Am wondering about getting a couple of Nix-Naps as they just look soooo cute and have read so much good feedback but a bit confused about size.

I have a petite 11kg (just) girl so wonder if a med would be too big on her. She has a Joely Pocket in med which is fabulous and leaves a lot of room for her to grow (dare I hope that she will wear it until toilet trained?!)

Also have a baby due any day so am wondering how Nix-Naps will go on a newborn ie NB size or small? Wonder if I got a size small if they could both wear it?

This is becoming rather addictive! Have a NB honeyboy cover and wool covers arriving from Rosie this week!

Any advice on size would be much appreciated!

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Post by smileeah » Mon Jul 11, 2005 10:19 pm

I am using medium size on my 8 mth, 9.5kg boy. Nikki could probably make you one with cross over tabs if you asked.


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Post by sarahw » Tue Jul 12, 2005 8:42 am

My slim 10kg 13mth old wears a medium and it fits fine, has fitted since about 8 months when he was well under the recommended 10kg+. Cross over tabs sounds like a good idea for really skinny beans.

He had a small before, it still did up fine on him at 10months, but was a bit small to fit a decent size nappy (great over small prefold). A medium with cross over tabs would fit a wide range - but would make a pretty big rounded bum on a wee baby.

They are sooo cute though. Wish it was summer so we could show them off!
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Post by NIX-KIDZ » Sun Jul 31, 2005 2:03 pm


New website up and running, see link below.


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