Manduca/Patapum/Ergo etc

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Manduca/Patapum/Ergo etc

Post by Kaz » Sat Apr 18, 2009 3:47 pm

:D From a short person's perspective 148cm (4' 10") :wink:

Having tried a few I thought I would offer a bit of a comparison from my perspective.

I have been carrying babes for 13ish years. I started with a Mei Tai, the same as my mother used and have progressed from there. I like to use the superman throw for back carrying. L is currently 18mnths and 12+kgs

I have tried: Ergo, Manduca, Patapum, Piccolo, Beco, Mei Tai.

They all carry babies perfectly well, my small boys like anything that keeps them close.

Mei Tai: I loved it for my first 2 children, wore them front and back. For 'L' I made a new one as he hated the straps being tied around him, so I added loops to the side so I could thread the straps through there and tie them around me instead. I found as the little ones got heavier the straps would cut in.

Patapum: Lovely padded straps, and especially like the toddler straps to pull the weight towards me. I find the Toddler Patapum slightly too big for me and consequently the sleeping hood doesn't sit over L's head. I find the Baby Patapum better, but it doesn't have the toddler straps. Front and back are quite comfy.

Ergo:Nice padding. I like that you can do a hip carry (although I prefer not to). A better fit for me as it has a shorter body. It has darts to create a seat, which I find helpful when making sure L is in it properly. Probably the only carrier that the sleeping hood still supports L's head. I like the handy, dandy pocket for stuffing wipes and keys (I like the pocket doesn't press hard against bubs back) Never used it for a newborn as I preferred a Moby and didn't like the insert. Have used it for front and back carrying and is the carrier I first fell in love with. Me and my Ergo have had a great relationship :wink:

Beco: is a nice fit for smaller people, the internal harness does my head in as I hate the hip shuffle. Otherwise the padding and pretty patterns are nice.

Piccolo: has nice padding. I find the waist strap cuts in a little as it doesn't have a padded waist band. (I believe you can purchase a seperate padded belt)It might also have something to do with squidgy bits on me :wink: I like that you can forward face on the front and hip carry. The crotch adjuster is nice too. Not a fan of the sleeping hood (but I think that is one of the new improvements). Can cross straps over back for front carry. Very pretty though.

Manduca: Fantastic that it is so adjustable (if not a little confusing). Fits quite nicely. It has an internal harness for newborns and it can be worn with straps crossed at the back. Does hip carry as well. Has a pocket but you could only put flat or soft things in it as it doesn't sit away from baby. Some of the adjustments needed to make it fit me make it more uncomfortable for L. I like the adjuster at the back of the strap, but it sits under L's armpits and digs in.

Anyway if you made it this far you're obviously seriously contemplating a carrier :lol:

Based on price I'd go for a Patapum or a homemade Mei Tai.

For fit and fabric my choice would be a Piccolo

I still love my Ergo (probably because I have an emotional attachment) but would consider a Manduca based on price if I had to buy a new one.

ETA sorry for leaving in the middle, small emergency

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Post by Katriana » Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:59 pm

Thanks Karen. I'm sure many will find this very helpful. I have made it a sticky

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Post by emmapea » Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:46 pm

Wow! Thanks so much for this.... I have often wondered which carrier would be best for me as I am a shorty too (shorter than you would you believe!) and thought I would never get the chance to try them all out.
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Post by jessie78 » Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:39 pm

Fantastic info, thanks so much Kaz for taking the time to post this!!!

Great to have it straight from someone who's tried them all :D You rock! :D
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Post by karmiec » Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:40 pm

LOL another short woams perspective... from a short skinny woman... so far I haven't tried a Pickolo or a Beco (so it may change) but Ergo still wins for me

Baby Patapum is good and functional - no frills option.

Toddler Patapum is also ok, (better since L was born, not comfy when preggy) but the toddler straps peeved me off and just generally felt a little big.

Manduca - looked good, I was too petite and would need to be wearing Jeans or other heavy pants because I couldnt' take it in any further at the waist.. chest strap was also a bit big. Otherwise great, loved the extending back height.

I've made an Onbu - most of the weight is on your shoulders but no muffin tummy and good for dressy occasions. Not uncomfortable but I need to tweak my pattern.

My ergo wins because it fits me best. shorter body length, strap length, waist etc. Things that go against it is the sleeping hood could do with a better home, and since DS2 doesn't like the hood and will only tolerate it in a deep sleep I would rather have the adjustable back height to pull it up over him when he's sleeping.

Can you imagine a custom made SSC? wouldn't that be lovely!!

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Post by mumtotwo » Sat May 09, 2009 1:28 pm

I have a toddler Patapum . I am fairly tall , just under 5'10 and slim ( not as much as i used to be - thanks Ashley )
The patapum sits well and i love the extra straps for security they hols Ashley close in which is a bonus for a person with back and shoulder problems . Can walk for miles with it with no discomfort other than just general unfitness . I do the hip shuffle to put him on my back . Front and back carries equally comfortable still at 3 years
Tried a beco the other day and liked it , seemed to sit up a bit further on Ashleys back , comfy on . Quite liked the internal harness as i just popped Ashley in it then lifted him on my back very easy . A nice carrier for a small build
Am going to be trying a Manduca soon =P~
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