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Some important notes on registering and using this forum
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Forum banner advertising

Post by Stacey » Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:14 am

Contact (Helen)

At this stage we can offer a banner (static or animated - but
advertisers must supply it themselves) on the 'forums' pages only.

The 'forums' are 'general nappy chat', 'washing questions', 'DIY
nappies', etc etc.

The banner will appear on every topic and page under that forum.

Ads cannot be inserted into search pages, or 'view topics since last
visit' results pages.

Banners should be approx 400px x 100px.

No advertising in certain forums:
trading post - nappies, other, swapsies
News and Events (Public)
Media (Public)
Please read first

The forum:
Charitable and Community Projects (Public)
will be reserved for advertising charitable projects at no cost.

Costs and conditions:
$20 per month for TNN members for most forums
Minimum of 1 month - Maximum of 1 year, must be paid in advance.

$50 per month for:
General Nappy Chat
Cloth Nappy websites and resources (Public)
WAHMs - Whats New? (Public)
DIY nappies
Off-Topic chat

First in - first served for these, but a waiting list will be kept. Maximum of 3
months per advertiser, paid in advance. First rights will go to current advertiser if
no-one else is on the waiting list at time of renewal.
Original advertiser may request to go back on the waiting list once
their advertising period is over (but not before).

Maximum of 2 $50 forums per advertiser/business and 5 forums in total.

Non-members costs +50%

TNN reserves the right to refuse or cancel advertising at any point,
without explanation.

Adverts contrary to TNNs goals and culture will not be accepted. This
includes any business promoting single-use products, formula feeding
contrary to WHO guidelines, any form of hate or 'adult'

These guidelines and prices may change at any time without prior warning (prepaid advertising fees excluded).

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Post by Stacey » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:52 pm

After some initial technical issues - the banner ads are now live and bug-free!

WAHMs wishing to advertise - get in now, as places are going fast!

Members - please support our WAHMs that advertise with us. TNN is non-profit, and these banner ads will be what pays for us to stay online.


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