Craft2.0 workshop with cupcakes - Jan 31st

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Craft2.0 workshop with cupcakes - Jan 31st

Post by nikkitheknitter » Fri Jan 23, 2009 10:44 am

Is this just for TNN events? Please move if not!


What: The Craft2.0 Summer season of Workshops

Craft, Cupcakes & Coffee - The bunny sessions

Date: Saturday January 31st 10.30am till 2pm

Venue TheNewDowse

Join sue of Craft 2.0 and Tash from OutDoor Knit for a fun Saturday of Crafting

You'll get to spend the whole day learning how to hand stitch a teeny tiny cute little bunny
then a rather lovely log made from some great vintage fabric for your bunny to hide in
or pop out of depending on your bunnies mood.

But Just Craft is not enough
When the workshop starts we'll be supplying you with some lovely fresh coffee from Cafe Reka
Throughout the workshop you'll have a lovely plate of cupcakes to consume, we do warn people that it's a magical plate
no matter how many cupcakes you eat more seem to magically appear.
So get ready for a sugar rush during the workshop which is a good thing because cupcakes have been scientifically proven to improve someones crafting ability times 100 million

The Details
The Workshop Costs $60 per person
$60 includes all the materials, tools plus cupcakes & coffee
This workshop is open to anyone of any skill level above the age of 12

Head over here to sign up for this workshop or if you've got any questions email sue (at) and she'll be sure to answer any and every question you have
Mama to the Red Headed Devil Child and newbie arriving late Jan 2015.

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