Newborn or small nappy hire kit needed...

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Newborn or small nappy hire kit needed...

Post by Brownie » Sat Mar 10, 2007 7:36 am

Hi ladies,

My sister-in-law has just joined TNN (with my help :lol: ).
She wants to get her wee son who is currently 4 weeks old into cloth nappies by the time he is 3 months old.

She was looking at Pea Pods at the Baby Factory. I know they are a really good price, but have no experience of them myself. They seem to be good from what I have heard here at TNN. Any feedback appreciated. I will look to see if there are any reviews.

I suggested that perhaps a hire kit would be a really good way for her to sample the different types of nappies available.

But never having used a hire kit myself, I am not sure about a couple of things.
1/ Who can I get one from, I know there are a number of people here at TNN that do them, but who ??
2/ At 4 weeks old, Mathew may well be getting too big for a newborn kit. He is 4.67kg. Not sure of length.
3/ How much would it be, and what length of hire could she get if he is already 4 weeks old ?
Would anyone who is hiring out kits please let me know regarding these things. I have said that I will help her get her cloth naps sorted out (of course !).
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