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Forum Advertising Information

Post by aidanasher » Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:53 pm

:TNN1: Forum Advertising Information

We are currently able to offer a banner on the various forum pages of the website. The 'forums' are listed on the Index page, under the headings of 'Nappy Chat', 'DIY', 'Off Topic', etc. The banner will appear on every topic and page under that forum. Ads cannot be inserted into search pages, or 'view topics since last visit' results pages.

Technical details:
Banners should be approx 400px x 100px. They may be static or animated - but advertisers must supply the banner themselves. Please speak with our advertising coordinator for help in this area.

Costs and conditions:
$20 per month for TNN Incorporated society members for most forums.

$50 per month for TNN Incorporated society members for:
General Nappy Chat
Cloth Nappy websites and resources (Public)
WAHMs - Whats New? (Public)
DIY nappies
Off-Topic chat
Trading Posts – Nappies, Fabric/Yarn, Other

The duration of the advertising is on 3 month or 6 month terms. Fees must be paid in advance. First rights will go to current advertiser if no-one else is on the waiting list at time of renewal. Original advertiser may request to go back on the waiting list once their advertising period is over (but not before).

Maximum of 2 main forums per advertiser/business and 5 forums in total.

Non-members costs +50%


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