Knitting question please.

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Knitting question please.

Post by M'sMum » Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:32 pm

Hi all,
I was wondering if someone can help.

I knitted a beanie for dh,using 7mm needles and Patons inca wool.
However the beanie is too big for his head :smt102

I am going too reknit it for him.So how do i make it smaller?
Do i use smaller needles?ie.6mm or even 5mm?
Or is it better to do fewer stitches?if so how?

It would be so much easier if i could just get his head to grow :wink:

Thanking you all in advance :D
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Post by kiwi101 » Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:56 pm

smaller needles will do it, or start with fewer stiches.

smaller needles will make it less 'chunky'. less stiches will knit up quicker & still look like it does now...
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Post by Judy » Tue Jan 10, 2006 9:17 am

I was just looking the other night at hat patterns, and found this link which describes how to work out how many stitches you need for a hat so it may help... this lady is hilarious (note the bottle of wine in the "ingredients" she's using)
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