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Crimson snaps

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:14 pm
by Jujube
I received my snap press today which is all very exciting but I ordered the wrong kind of red snaps to match my red PUL.

I think Crimson snaps are the right match for red that right?

Now, here comes the hard part. Does anyone have any spare crimson snaps? If so, I"m happy to pay???

Thanks :-)

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:15 pm
by ariayla
I have a limited supply you could have some of. How many do you need?

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 3:53 pm
by Jujube
Thanks Angela - have just realised that nearly ALL of my PUL needs crimson snaps so I need a HEAP...

Now just need to find where to get them from.....

Thanks tho - much appreciatd :-)

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2006 1:40 pm
by Tinkerbell
Jujube I got mine from a co-op and they were a tad more expensive than the GBs ones 8-)