Snap press service in whangarei?

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Post by LizStar » Wed Oct 03, 2007 9:15 am

We are going to start homeschooling to beginning of next year when my eldest turns 5.

good on you mum2girls....will look out for you next year?? if not before at a napichino :wink: ...we have lots of fun at the group activities...sure you will too :)

Do you swim at the Aquatic centre or Tikipunga?

We swim at the aquatic entre...the kids are really looking forward to Friday afternoons in the grand new pools and hydroslide! must say i cant wait to get in there and have a play myself!

If you need someone to come over and help you make your first nappy I don't mind.....though not this week. What fabrics have you been given? I'm a visual person and had to go down to Auckland to 'see' how it was done

Gaia if you could help that would be soooo fantastic! It would be great to meet you too. :) I’m still stumped on what colours to do, although i think i have it sorted now. (Rose PUL and cream suedcloth with cream snaps)
My friend had bought a pile of hemp, terry(?) microfibre and suedcloth and just never got around to making up her naps, although she has cut and edged it all, GOD BLESS her! she didn’t want anything for it all either!

How long does an order take to arrive once placed with grean beans??

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