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metal snaps

Post by Mama-to-many » Sat Jun 04, 2005 9:54 am

Who wants my packet of silly little metal snaps from Spotlight?
Does anyone in Auckland have a snap press? Could I swap a session of snapping for some homemade bread made with freshly ground flour?

I've been making bibs and am sick of breaking finger nails with the little Spotlight snaps. And I don't want to succumb and use velcro - coz then they will look scrappy after a while.

Don't think I can convince hubby that a snap press is a necessity - he is even wondering why I have changed our nappy stash five times in as many months :-) He does agree ROSIE ROCKS :lol: I have even convinced him that the reasons WHY we use cloth are valid - only took ten and a half years :shock:
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