Can you help Krishna? (photo added)

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Can you help Krishna? (photo added)

Post by sharry » Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:57 am

Recently received this email from my partners sister and thought people here might like to help, if you feel comfortable making a donation to her account for her to pass on, email me for details. Otherwise there are contacts below

Namaste saathi,

As you're no doubt aware, Nepal is a very special place to me along with the 13 beautiful children who live at Brighter Future Children's Home in Bistachhap, outer Kathmandu Valley. Having last seen them only three months ago, it has come as a shock to hear of one of the ill health of one of the boys, Krishna...

Volunteer Services in Nepal (VSN) who have guardianship of the children and with whom I am closely associated with, have said the following:

A routine check-up for Krishna has brought to our attention that he is suffering from a potentially fatal ear infection Cholesteatoma, whereby the inside of his ear is rotting away, with the possibility of it spreading to his brain. He has been assessed by an ENT specialist and we are awaiting confirmation as to whether they can / will operate. This is a complex and extremely expensive procedure (somewhere in the region of US$1,200.00), which is rarely performed in Nepal and Krishna’s Down Syndrome increases the level of difficulty and risk. If they are unable to operate here in Nepal, we will investigate the possibilities of taking him to India or Thailand for the operation.

I have many, many amazing stories about Krishna and the incredible kid that he is. And so I'm asking for your help in raising the $1200 US that is required for this operation.

If you're in New Zealand, you can make a deposit into my bank account which I will pass on to VSN. (email me for details)
For those of you outside of New Zealand, please contact Kate, the VSN Project Manager

Please, think careful and give generously where you're able to. Please, pray for Krishna and his health. If you're not the praying kind, please keep him in your thoughts.

Pheri betau:laa


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