South Canterbury Plunket - Charity Bike Ride

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South Canterbury Plunket - Charity Bike Ride

Post by krisha » Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:59 pm

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Posting on behalf of South Canterbury Plunket:

I am writing on behalf of South Canterbury plunket, Over the last few years The Central South Island Charity Bike Ride ( held annually since 2005) has been raising funds for local charities. We (Plunket) have been lucky enough to be one of the 4 selected recipients in this years charity bike ride 2011.
At the end of the event we share the profits from the event (which is considerable and it is an honour to be a chosen charity)
However we have to fundraise before the event to give our rider, funds which then go in to the bigger pool, of money raised and donated by major sponsors.
As this a big south Canterbury event, most local business are being asked over and over for donations and sponsorship. So we are trying to go just a little further afield, with the hope that we can still raise the money we need for our rider.

We are asking business to donate items that we can auction on trademe, so once again, it is not just our locals putting their hands in their pockets, and we are giving NZ'ers a chance to support us and get some wonderful local items/ vouchers /accommodation and meals.

We are wondering if you would like to donate something that we may then put forward on trademe and auction. If you are happy, the auction will say "This item has been kindly donated by *****"

The money we will get from this Fundraiser is going into a new project called "Be safe be seen", it is currently running very successfully in Southland. All children in the area , on their second birthday have a plunket check ,at this stage they would get a voucher that is taken back to plunket carseat coordinators, who then check to make sure they are safely being retrained in the car, and then are given a bike helmet and fluro vest, for when riding their wee bikes, to get them in to good habits for when they are older.
So funds will buy the helmets and the vests for 1year.

We hope you will find this a good project to be involved in. Even though it is not your local children who will benefit from this Plunket service.

Many thanks for taking the time to read all of this :D

For more info or to help please PM me :)

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