Just wanting to put in a good word for Snazzipants store

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Re: Just wanting to put in a good word for Snazzipants store

Post by Gaia » Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:45 pm

OMGoodness..I forgot to write a review of my experiences from a few years ago.
No time like the present :D

I have always had exceptional customer service from Snazzipants with all 4 of my youngest kids using Snazzipants products. I have never had any negative experiences when dealing with them both online or the occassional times I was able to visit the store. In fact Pippa has gone the extra mile on more than one occassion to help me out and in assisting me in getting the right combination of nappies and covers to work for my children.

I love Snazzipants products (one of my most favoured brands of nappies) and it was a sad day when my youngest TT'd.
Oh how I miss a rainbow covered butt :D

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