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Wee Waka Training Pant: soaker for boys

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:35 am
by KatharineBrussels
Hi everyone, I searched the forum but didn't find this, so am posting a new thread: has anyone used the Wee Waka training pant pattern for boys? I have a pair cut out on my sewing table now as I started potty learning my DD on Christmas Day. She's 23mos and at this point will need an absorbant liner for certain. (Her crèche discourages parents from potty learning till the age of 2, which is January for her.) Her little brother is only 4mos but I'd like to re-use the ones I've made with him when the time comes. The front crotch curve for the optional soaker seems so low for boys. I thought I'd raise the front curve to the same height as the rear curve. Or is this unnecessary?

Thanks for your help :vibes: