Posters and Static Display files...

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Posters and Static Display files...

Post by LemonNZ » Sun Feb 04, 2007 10:36 pm

Hi there,

I was the person responsible for putting the static display ideas and photos onto paper (well computer and the printers did the rest :wink: )

If any centres are planning a display and would like the files to print off a display that was printed and then laminated onto A3 paper then email me at with RNW in the subject line. This is a HUGE file so might not be able to email it but could post CD.

Also available is posters for advertising your local event. They are available on .pdf that is small enough to email and print on A4 and also 4 to an A4 page for those to give out at antenatal classes etc. These files are great to email out to TNN member and ask them to print off as many as they need to put up on local community boards, etc. I can customise these if you email me early enough. with RNW in subject line

Finally Nikki is working on double checking the suppliers list and we will have that available to print on A4 also.


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