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March 2010 Cloth Nappy Hunt - Call for Sponsors

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 4:25 pm
by firechildsmf
The 8th biannual Cloth Nappy Hunt is nearly upon us, and we are calling for Sponsors. Sponsor numbers are capped at 150, and we currently have 120. If you wish to take part, do not dally.

All information can be found at Cloth Nappy Hunt Click on the Become a Sponsor Tab and download the Rules and the Application Form. Send the completed form to

IMportant things to take note of:

1. We do not accept gift vouchers or custom slots as prizes. You must donate a tangible prize that can be sent to the organisers before the hunt begins.
2. You must include a link to a picture of your prize that is no bigger than 100 x100. Do NOT email us your prize picture. Do NOT send us a link to the page of your website that your prize is on. Send us something like this ... -thumb.jpg If you cannot organise that then just select Picture Service for the additional $10 Fee.

There are other things, but these seem to be the main two reasons that we reject an application. Getting it right the first time, will minimise the chance of you missing out to be a Sponsor.

Any questions, please email us.