AGM of The Nappy Network Incorporated - 28/3/09

Annual General Meeting
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present (thanks for description above)

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Chairperson's report:

Well, while TNN the forum doesn't appear to have changed much except for getting bigger and more friendships forged through the chatting that goes on in the forum and also through nappicinos, TNN Inc has had a few (overdue) developments behind the scene. We are making progress to do things more formally and fulfil certain tax and Society obligations. These include holding AGMs, keeping a register of membership, application for Charity status, and reviewing our Society's Rules. It has been a long road which is not unexpected given the nature of our existence where most communications between Board members are via online and of our voluntary roles, on top of our more important role as Mothers/Dads/Caregivers with multiple littlies.

The biggest event in our calendar year is always the Real Nappy Week. Some regions are better co-ordinated than others, again this is dependent on the human resource available. In general, the feedback has been good. At the grass roots level, it is always encouraging to hear individuals reporting that they have found out (more) about MCNs through the demos and expos that are held during the Real Nappy Week. Even from MCN retailers, comments such as this are uplifting for those who put so much effort into organising the RNW events:

"normally school holidays are fairly quiet as far as people purchasing is concerned but these holidays have been the opposite - I can only contribute that to Real Nappy Week! " (re Real Nappy Expo in Auckland 2008.)

A Big Thank You to all the sub committees and volunteers that pulled in a massive effort to make Real Nappy Week events a huge success. There are a few of you, I haven't named everyone because my biggest fear is to miss out somebody's name. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mwah.

TNN Inc also has a contract with Waitakere City Council to administer their Cloth Nappy Hire Kit project. TNN Inc acts as an Employer in providing remuneration for up to 5 employees to manage the Cloth Nappy Centre in West Auckland. This Hire Kit project is going from strength to strength for example there have been 15 new hire kits added at the start of this year making a total of 41 kits available for hire. Waitakere Hospital is on board using cloth nappies on all babies born and during their stay in the hospital. The Hire Kit project has secured sponsors so that for all of the year 2009, each hire kit is heavily subsidised so that it only cost the hirer $30 (plus a refundable $40 bond) for the 7 week hire period.

Thanks to the other Board members (Stacey, Michelle M, Shar, and Leanne) for all their work to keep TNN Inc ticking along. Also to all the various Board members who have helped in the past but for one reason or another, are no longer able to be part of the Committee.

Finally, thanks to everyone's patience re the running of TNN Inc - we're learning as we go. Lots of hiccups along the way, big learning curve, but we can only be heading for one direction - and that is onwards and upwards!

Other Annual reports to come from: Stacey, Michelle M, Shar and Leanne.

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Back, and thanks for the clarification :)

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present (have sent membership form - waiting for account details to transfer fee)
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present :D

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