Snugglebumz Night trainers for older children.

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Snugglebumz Night trainers for older children.

Post by RachelB » Thu Aug 03, 2006 1:04 pm

These are great and are made by Ruth a really obliging WAHM. I bought these for my 5.5yr for night time as I was sick of buying Drynites at $17 a pop! He wets every night without fail, but I'm not worried.

These are a pull up pocket style of pants PUL, lined with fleece and I use 2 micro terry naps in them so are not very bulky. Ruth includes a microfibre insert and a hemp insert to go in them and the option of having one of the inserts sewn in and they cost $25.

Contact Ruth at , Well worth a try for the older wetter.
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Post by Annabella » Tue Oct 17, 2006 1:32 pm

I have some lovely custom made Snugglebumz side snap pocket trainers for DD - they are great and Ruth has very obligingly made me some more with a bit of an adjustment so they fit DD better.
This is the first thing that has worked for DD since she outgrew her XXL Fuzzibunz (they are too short in the rise) They pull up and down well and because they are side snap I can unsnap them so they are easy to stuff.
The ones that Ruth made for DD work really well and I am looking forward to some more arriving that should be a perfect fit :D

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