Blueberry Diapers OSFM Fitted

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Blueberry Diapers OSFM Fitted

Post by Rodent » Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:04 pm

I have no idea if these are available locally or not (I got mine second hand) but with lots of people buying internationally these days, I thought it relevant to include regardless.

I believe that these nappies are cotton velour outter (and booster) with a built in microfibre soaker. I wouldn't use them overnight but these nappies are actually really quite nice. We use them coverless for short periods during the day without issue. They fit our 10 week old well (on the snap down front setting) though small babies might have issue with the legs not being tight enough. We don't have poo explosions to test that out and with chubby thighed kids it's just not an issue.

No idea of cost, I got them in a swap, so not sure if they're value for money or not.

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