Current positions and job descriptions of committee

Annual General Meeting
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Current positions and job descriptions of committee

Post by k8ylou » Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:46 pm

'Chairperson - Organiser and communicator. Works with all the other committee members to ensure continuity and team work. A focus on keeping the goals of the organisation true to the ‘rules’ and ensuring what is talked about actually happens. Calls and runs the meetings.

Secretary - The key holder who responds to administration issues and helps the chairperson and treasurer run the organisation. The details person. Answers or forwards email from the info email address. Writes up minutes of meetings. Accepts correspondence and ensures committee and society details are correct with the various organisations TNN works with (Charities commission, etc). Processes memberships.

- Keeps the books. Pays the bills. Has a required amount of work per month (less than one hour) with the IRD. Should be able to or willing to give a go at drafting a budget. Invoices and checks payments for forum advertising.

- Deals with the media and other groups who work in the area of health and education for parents and babies. (Possibly to be combined with Community Liason??)

Community Liason
- Provides a voice from The Nappy Network to groups with an interest in the effect of modern cloth nappies. This would be environmental groups, local government, WINZ, CYFS, Plunket, Zero Waste Trust and other such groups. (Possibly to be combined with Spokesperson??)

Organiser of Demonstrations - Organises demonstrators so that all interested parties can have a face-to-face with a real live user of modern cloth nappies. They will keep a record of demonstrations and answer questions. Demo kits are currently being recalled to be updated. Administration system is also being developed.

Website and Bulletin Board Administrator - This position may be broken up into two if it becomes to big. But it just entails making sure the site is updated regularly and the bulletin board is neat and tidy.

Designer - Works with the committee to produce educational material, brochures, website design. Currently looking at having main website updated (text done, now requiring design/photos/layout etc)

- Fields enquiries from the advertising email addy. Books advertising on the forum, liases with Treasurer to ensure payment and admin to upload ads.

Hire - kits coordinator - Keeps the hirekit thread up-to-date. Currently trying to get an audit of TNN hirekits done, and to arrange for standardised regular reporting by kit holders.

(Job descriptions to be added as received)
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Re: Current positions and job descriptions of committee

Post by Stacey » Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:50 pm

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Re: Current positions and job descriptions of committee

Post by k8ylou » Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:24 pm

I've added some job descriptions based on old list and what we've been doing this last year. This list is not exhaustive. If you wanted to do something else i'm sure a position can be added. (committee, if i've omitted anything, let meknow) :D

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Re: Current positions and job descriptions of committee

Post by karmiec » Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:52 am

Just sumarising from other threads:

The three key posiions that must be filled/used are Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
We must have between 3 and 12 other people on the board and they can arrange duties/roles to suit the needs of the society and the skills and abilities of the board members.

However there are key things the society does that need to be administered/managed/co-ordinated
- Forum
- Website
- Demokits
- Hirekits
- Answering occasional enquiries from the press

Things like Demokits and Hirekits are managed by individuals that you need to contact, and assist. There is a need to update these and the updating their record keeping systems so it's a project at the moment, but once that work is done it may be down to answering for forwarding email enquiries. RNW is periodic and has been managed through the Forum and/or Community Liason, but is alot more than a "weeks' work)

Given our socieites rules I believe it would be acceptable to be nominatd to the board "generally" and to take on a specific role after that (eg: do a few short term projects, pick up extra work from under another persons area to smooth the workload etc). But board members need to be people willing to do some work (and/or delegate) so expressing your area of interest/abilities is important too.

For example: there is room for us to be more proactive, and if there is an area you are passionate about - stand up tell us about it and create the role. You might be really into FB and want to get all the events up and running on FB and nominate a position of "Social Networking Engineer". You might be skilled at writing press releases and suggest "Print Media Relations"

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