Welcome! Please read before registering

Some important notes on registering and using this forum
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Welcome! Please read before registering

Post by Stacey » Sat Mar 05, 2005 10:08 pm

Welcome to The Nappy Network Forums!

You are welcome to browse the public areas of our forum - these are noted with (Public).

All other areas of the forum require you to register. This is simply to facilitate admin and to deter spammers etc. Registration is simple and you can be registered in a few minutes - if you have any problems, please feel free to post to 'forum support' or email admin@thenappynetwork.org.nz

Some important notes:

When choosing your user name - be aware that this will be shown publicly. It appears automatically with your posts, in our member list and on the front page under 'users browsing this forum'. DO NOT use your real name unless you wish it to be publicly known. The registration process does not make this very clear - our apologies for this, but we have little control over the wording/process of registration.

**New policy - October 05**
We have introduced a 'no lurkers' policy - please post at least once within one week or your membership will be deleted. A good place to start is with an 'intro' which can be posted here:
If you just wish to browse the forums, but are not interested in joining in conversation as an ongoing thing, you are most welcome to do so within that one week. Having membership deleted is NOT a ban - you may join again later on. This is simply to keep the forum 'tidy' and as a small measure of security.

Security - Please be aware of your personal security while posting here. As with any area of the internet you should never give out personal information, or information about your family that you wouldnt be happy with any stranger knowing. Members are required to register, but registration is not approved by admin. We regularly check members info (the info you provide upon registration) and keep an eye out for inappropriate posts etc. In the event of any abuse of the forum, we can track IPs and take appropriate steps, but we would prefer to avoid any problems in the first place.

Advertising - The only place you may advertise is 'WAHMs - Whats New?' WAHParents may post announcements there once a fortnight.
NO advertising is allowed in other areas of the forum. Posts that read like advertising (for yourself or others) will be deleted or moved.

FAQs can be found here: faq.php

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