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Whizz Kidz OSFA

Post by Rodent » Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:13 pm

Aussie WAHM, available at www.ozebaby.com.au

My initial impressions were that this nappy would be bulky on a newbie (I think because of the serged edges sticking out) but it really isn't that bad though we only started using it at around 6 weeks as that's when we got it. The small setting only does up with one snap (side snap) but it still fits great with no gaping. The size range is incredible really. It's a really trim fit on our 13+kg 15 month old and refreshingly there's still PLENTY of room for growth! They're much more absorbant than they look too -- our 15 month old was just in one for 3 hours including a nap and the outside wasn't even wet. Definitely a coverless option for during the day. Not a night nappy contender. At AUD$22 it was good value for money.

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